David Wisdom

On January 16, 2013 by Vanessa
Gene Kiniski, Seymour Street 1971

Gene Kiniski, Seymour Street 1971

David and I have worked together a couple of times now– he has organized a some “Slide Nights” at the Vancouver Art Gallery, (where I can sometimes be found working) which feature a selection of slide shows by local artists. Sometimes, as last summer, there’s a live music component– the Rodney Graham Band played, and so did David’s son, Nick. He has a long, well-known history here in Vancouver and with CBC, but I’ve admired him most for the clarity and playfulness of his passions; he loves music, photography, his friends, art and his home, and in him it is a rare, infectious, wonderful quality.

This is a photo of his, from 1971.

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David Wisdom is best known for his 30 year career on CBC Radio as host and producer of many music programs, notably Nightlines, Radio On and Pearls Of Wisdom. He was a member of the bands French Hand Laundry, UJ3RK5 and The Young Winstons, and has written about popular music for a number of publications. His other principal interest is photography. He has had an exhibition of his pictures of Vancouver in the 1970s at the Teck Gallery (2009), and has organized and presented a number of multi-artist slide shows in recent years, reviving the group presentations he organized throughout the 1970s, The Point Grey Slide Festival.