Kris Elgstrand

On January 16, 2013 by Vanessa

kris elgstrand2Kris is the anxious mastermind behind Songs of the Sad Sack, Vol. 1: I’m So Disappointed , a screenwriter, a musician and a performer who hosts his very own Social Anxiety Hour. We have a shared love for cardigans and identically-titled creative interests. Also, I’d heard great things about him, so I entreated him to drink tea with me a couple of weeks ago. We met at a cafe near Cambie Street, where I tried my best to charm him into being a part of sad sack, by night. It worked!

I’m delighted to report that he has agreed to be the tragically funny host of this night. He’s a born and bred BC sad sack, so you know for a fact that he knows the West Coast grey and drabbies better than many.

Here’s some more about him:

Despite numerous creative and professional failures, Kris Elgstrand has had his share of few and far between successes. Primarily known, if at all, as a screenwriter and playwright, Kris is a partner in The Whatever Institute, a Vancouver-based filmmaking team, whose most recent film, Doppelgänger Paul (or A Film About How Much I Hate Myself), premiered at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival. Kris co-directed the film with Dylan Akio Smith. The Whatever Institute’s first feature, The Cabin Movie, premiered at TIFF in 2005. Kris has also written, produced and/or directed several award-winning short films that have screened nationally and internationally. His plays have been produced in a few major but considerably more minor cities throughout North America. In 2010, Kris released his first recording, the aptly titled Songs of the Sad Sack, Volume 1: I’m So Disappointed, in the already-out-dated compact disc format (it has subsequently been made available on iTunes and He currently hosts a monthly variety show he had the humility to name for himself, Kris Elgstrand’s Social Anxiety Hour. Until very recently, the Social Anxiety Hour had been referred to as “Vancouver’s home for your Sunday Night Panic” but that sobriquet was dropped as it was scientifically proven to confuse, confound and repel audiences.

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