PuSH Festival: sad sack, by night

On January 16, 2013 by Vanessa

ClubPushHeywhat! Sad sack is getting under way. Well, I guess it’s been under way for a long time, in my mind and in my studio, but now it is manifesting actual, physical form.

In fact the PuSh Festival and I have been brewing up something for Club PuSh, their annual series of events in a “less traditional, more informal venue.” For those who hate the ‘scrolling’, here’s the details and a handy directoid link.

sad sack, by night
February 2, 8PM
Club PuSh at Performance Works
1218 Cartwright Street, Granville Island
19+, tix $25
Kris Elgstrand
Andrew Feldmar with Patsy Klein
David Wisdom
Hello, Blue Roses
Curated by Vanessa Kwan
Presented by the PuSh Festival and Theatre Conspiracy


Here’s my take on the night:
I’m working with some wonderful sad sack artists, who each have agreed to do a piece on their take on West Coast melancholy. Kris Elgstrand– writer, performer, troubadour– will host the night. Radical psychoanalyst Andrew Feldmar (accompanied by the excellent Patsy Klein) will do an interactive talk on Melancholy Baby, and his experiences with R.D. Laing, the renowned and controversial Scottish psychiatrist (and jazz lover, apparently). David Wisdom, former host of CBC radio’s Nightlines, will present a slide show of West Coast nostalgia and duo Hello, Blue Roses (Dan Bejar and Sydney Vermont) will play a sad, sad set to finish it all off. I’m hoping it will be part-commiseration, part meet-your-neighbours, part good art, part nice drinks, and 100 percent knock your soggy socks off.

This night will put the ‘lustre’ back in lacklustre, I tell you. Check the sidebar for more on each artist.

There will also be free gifts. And not the plastic kind– only all natural fibres for you, friends.